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Heavy Metal detox

Heavy Metal detox

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Our body has heavy metals that caused us, fatigue, brain, fog, inflammation, and this bath detox was created to help eliminate some of the metals.

Baking soda - I use aluminum free baking soda. Most regular baking sodas, actually have aluminum in them. Kind of defeats the purpose.

Pure epsom salts with  

L- Canitine & BCAAs ,  to help recharge the body.

menthol to ease, aches, and pains  & essential oils citrus, lavender&  bark oil essential oils.

Sodium borate

Natural Calcium Betnonite Clay 

Shungite- is a mineral, which is located in the Republic of Karelia, Russia. Shungite, absorbs, and illuminates everything that imposes a hazard to life, but concentrates and restores all that is beneficial.
It serves to protect the effects from EMF, which is very harmful to the human body. It is used to purify water. Also believed to protect its owner from the evil eye. This is a deformation of the human Biofield, because of the influence of another’s Biofield . Shungite does not lead to distort the Biofield of its owner.

Fresh dried rose buds which can provide the skin benefits by treating dehydration and any digestive distress. Can get without these for men . I posted a picture of my skin after use. I am in my 50”s & use roses whenever I can to help my skin ! 


I posted pictures to let you know it is important to drink plenty of water before and after. Put in your tub with hot water. The hotter, the better. And try to get submerged into the water as far up as you can.Soak at least 20 minutes. If not more. 

Possible Side effects- most people may get a headache. Not everyone does . Depending upon how much metals you are releasing will depend on the strength of your headache. Drinking as much water as you can will help it .  Everyone is different. Mine lasted two days. I suggest doing it when you don’t have to go to any place to be that you can’t tolerate the headache. We have to remember that we have been eating, drinking, washing our bodies, and breathing in metals for most of our lives. It doesn’t come out all at once. I suggest doing one every 10 to 14 days. It took a long time for these toxins to poison our body. Also, after you use the bath, you can save the shungite to reuse. You can use those in a regular bathtub also to help remove more toxins. You can also use them to carry with you especially when you are around microwaves, cell phones, laptops, and anything else that has radiation. I have pieces of shungite that you can purchase separately.


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